. 5sos is everything I wasn't looking for, but everything I want

. Im 16 years old, and I love you

. Don't be rude, I'll cut you with Ashton's jawline

. Panic! At the disco

. All time low

. The 1975



Heyyy how are you today!?😄
by uska11

Well, I got home from school and I accidentally told my boyfriend I loved him without registering what I was saying. And FML

How was yours?

Hi!!! I was wondering if you knew of anyone who was really good at making manips? I suck at it and I want to get two made for my friends birthday card.

I wish I did! But unfortunately I do not. If I find anyone that knows how to I’ll definitely tell you!

I wish some of you would talk to me lol

I wish some of you would talk to me lol

Love poem (vine video)

Roses are red

Grass is green

Your ugly ass makes me want to scream

Have you read the games we play? I'm kind of on the fence about reading it cause I've heard it's good but I'm scared to become attached to another Luke fic especially a smut one haha
by Anonymous

I have not. I haven’t really caught up in the popular fanfictions yet. Maybe I will now that you brought it up


Just remember in about 40 seconds someone is about to commit suicide as we sit here blogging. This post goes out to the teens who took and will take their lives. Please just reblog this post to recognize them and don’t question whether or not you should. I promise it won’t ruin your blog type.

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When was the video of calum leaked
by Anonymous

I don’t know the exact date, but I’m guessing a couple weeks ago? I don’t know much.

Who did you give Calum's naked video? Just my curiosity :)
by Anonymous

I didn’t give it to anyone? I simply found it on vine and even if I did have it I wouldn’t give it out because Calum trusted that person and she betrayed that.

You have calum's snapchat?
by Anonymous

I do not have his snapchat, I got the video from vine. It is not my video. I’m sorry x